Driver Knowledge Test | Learners Licence New South Wales| P1 and P2 Learners Licenec Question and Answers

53. ♦ ROAD MARKINGS - P1 and P2 learner licence


Where: On any road before an intersection
Purpose: To show that you may only proceed in the direction indicated by the arrow in your lane.
Action: Choose the correct lane in time to travel in the direction you want to go.
• Make sure that other traffic is obeying the mandatory direction
arrows in their lanes.
• Check your blind spot before turning right to see that a vehicle in the
lane next to you who is suppose to turn right (because of the mandatory right-turn arrow in his lane) is not carrying straight on.



Where: On the left or right-hand side of a road in an urban area.
Purpose: To identify that part of the carriageway which is reserved for buses only during the periods indicated on the sign.
Action: If you are not driving a bus do not drive in the lane indicated by the sign during the times on the sign.

P1 and P2 safe road usage