Driver Knowledge Test | Learners Licence New South Wales| P1 and P2 Learners Licenec Question and Answers

23. ♦ introduction motor cycles - cont.


Additional road rules for motorcycle riders

As a motorcycle rider, you are subject to the same road rules that apply to you when you drive other vehicles. However, because of the different nature of a motorcycle, the following road rules also apply:

• You must wear an approved motorcycle helmet securely fastened at all times other than when the motorcycle is parked.

• You must always display an L plate on the back of the motorcycle you are learning to ride or on the back of a vest worn by you while learning to ride.

• If you hold a provisional licence (P1 or P2) you need to display the appropriate P plate on the back of the motorcycle at all times.

• Before carrying a passenger on the class of motorcycle you are riding, you must have held your provisional, probationary or open motorcycle licence for that class of motorcycle for at least one year.

• You may ride side-by-side with another motorcycle rider in one marked lane, provided you are not more than 1.5m apart.

• You may enter a bicycle storage area as long as you give way to cyclists or other motorcycle riders already in or entering the area..

• If you hold an open licence for riding a motorcycle (including an RE or R open licence), you may lane filter by moving between stationary or slow moving vehicles travelling in the same direction as yourself, provided you do not exceed 30km/h and it is safe to do so. Lane filtering is prohibited in school zones during school zone hours.

• If you hold an open licence for riding a motorcycle (including an RE or R open licence), on major roads where the speed limit is 90km/h or higher, such as motorways, freeways and highways, you may ride at speeds not greater than 30km/h on a road shoulder or in an emergency stopping lane, as long as it is safe to do so.