Driver Knowledge Test | Learners Licence New South Wales| P1 and P2 Learners Licenec Question and Answers

22. ♦ introduction - motor cycles


Class R - Restricted and Un Restricted

To be eligible for a motorcycle learner licence, you must have held
a provisional, probationary or open licence for another class of vehicle for
at least one year during the past five years. If you do not have a current driver's licence, you must first pass a theory test. Once you have passed the Basic theory test you may apply for a learners permit.

The learner's permit is valid for two years and you must carry it at all times while riding.

You must complete the Advanced course within two years.

It is recommended that you have your learner's permit for a minimum of six months before you undertake an advanced training course.

After successfully completing an advanced course, present your certificate of competency, to apply for a R Class licence.

After riding on a restricted R Class licence for 12 months, you may apply for an unrestricted R-class licence. This licence enables you to ride a motorcycle of any power to weight ratio.

The duration of your practical riding test will be up to 35 minutes for both a
class RE and class R licence.

Pillion passenger restriction for learner riders
Class RE and R learner licence holders are prohibited from carrying pillion passengers (including their supervisor) when learning to ride a motorcycle on a road.
A learner is still required to be supervised by an appropriately licensed person when riding a motorcycle. If the motorcycle has a sidecar, the supervisor may accompany the learner by being safely seated in the sidecar. If the motorcycle does not have a sidecar, the supervisor may follow at a safe distance on another motorcycle or in another vehicle.

• one of which shall act on the front wheel, and
• and the other which shall act on the rear wheel or wheels which is in good working order.

P plates on motorcycles
If you hold a P1 or P2 licence, you will need to clearly display a red or green P plate on the back of your motorcycle (including a moped) when riding.

If you hold an open licence when you get your R class licence, you will not need to display a P plate when riding.
• a service brake,
• a parking brake, OR an emergency brake.