Driver Knowledge Test | Learners Licence New South Wales| P1 and P2 Learners Licenec Question and Answers

15. ♦ introduction - cancelling a drivers test


Your practical driving test may be cancelled if,

•Your vehicle is modified (unless the modifications have been approved
by the Department of Transport and Main Roads).

• Your number plate is obscured by anything (such as a tow bar).

• Your number plate cannot be read from 20m away.

• Your vehicle does not meet the minimum standards for test vehicles.

• Your vehicle does not pass a basic safety check.

• L plates are not displayed on the vehicle.

•The registered operator of the vehicle has not signed the Examiner’s authority to drive test vehicle section on the Driver Licence Application/Renewal or Driving Test Appointment Sheet.

•You failed a practical driving test for the same class of licence earlier the same day.

•You did not sign the declaration on the Driver Licence Application/Renewal.

•You are under 25 and your logbook has not been checked and passed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.