Driver Knowledge Test | Learners Licence South Australia

26. ♦ introduction - general provisions


Preparing to get on the road

To apply for, or renew, your licence, visit a licence issuing centre. If you hold
a provisional, probationary or open licence, you may renew your licence online through Services online. Check the state in which you reside.The licence may be granted to you for a period up to five years.

You may renew your licence up to six weeks before it expires, and renewing
early will not reduce your licence period. If your licence has expired, you may
have to show extra identification when you apply to renew it. You will need
to pay a fee when renewing your licence.

If you renew your provisional, probationary or open licence within five years
of the expiry date of the licence, you will not be required to take another
practical driving test before being granted a further licence of the same class.
However, if you are found driving after your licence expires and before you
renew it, you may be charged with unlicensed driving

Travelling interstate or overseas

If you are driving interstate you still need to comply with the conditions of your licence. You will also have to comply with the road rules and restrictions applicable to the state or territory that you will be driving in. Prior to travelling interstate, you are advised to check with the relevant transport authority for details of any specific road rules or restrictions.

Changing your name or address

If you change your name or address, you must notify the relevant Departments within 14 days from doing so. Alternatively, you can change your address online. Please check the relevant departments online for the state in which you reside.