Driver Knowledge Test | Learners Licence South Australia

21. ♦ introduction - Probationary and restricted licences cont.


Restricted licences
If you are convicted of a drink or drug driving offence you may ask the court
that convicts you to grant you a restricted licence, commonly known as a
'work' licence. You must apply to the court for this licence before your period of disqualification is imposed.
To be eligible for a restricted licence you must be able to prove to the court that you will not impose a risk on other road users and you need a driver licence to earn your living.

You are not eligible to apply for a restricted licence if:

• You did not hold a open licence in the state you are applying at the time you committed, and were convicted of, the offence
• You were driving a motor vehicle that you were not authorised to drive under your open licence at the time you committed the offence
• When tested, your BAC was 0.15 or greater
• When you committed the offence you were using the vehicle in an activity directly connected with your means of earning a living
• At the time of the offence, you were driving a truck, tractor, specially constructed vehicle, bus, articulated motor vehicle, B-double, road train, taxi, limousine, tow truck, pilot or escort vehicle escorting an oversize vehicle, a vehicle carrying a placard load of dangerous goods or a vehicle being used by a driver trainer to give driver training
• In the past five years, your provisional or open licence has been suspended or cancelled, or you have been disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence
• You have been convicted of drink or drug driving or dangerous driving in the past five years.,

Conditions for restricted licence holders
You must:

•Carry your licence and court order at all times when driving. If you are waiting to receive your licence in the mail, you must carry your Driver Licence Receipt
• Comply with the conditions stated on the court order when driving
• Have a zero BAC when driving

You may drive any class of vehicle shown on your driver licence.