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57 . ♦ ROAD MARKINGS - P1 and P2 learner licence


Where: On any road before a railway crossings between the warning sign and the railway crossing.
Purpose: To warn that there is a railway crossing ahead.
Action: Slow down and if necessary, stop before the crossing.

Driver knowledge test questions and answer


Where: On any road.
Purpose: To warn you that there is a break (intersection or off ramp) in the continuing part of the roadway and to inform you that if you are in a lane that has a line on one side, that lane will soon turn off from the road which you are now travelling.
Action: Yield to any traffic that wants to change lanes. The continuity lines will soon change to a channelizing line or painted island, which will make it illegal to change direction. Check your blind spot to make sure there are no other vehicles that might cut in front of you.

Driver knowledge test questions and answer