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2. ♦ Steps to receiving your learner licence


Before you drive, or learn to drive, any class of motor vehicle on a road in Australia, you must hold a current licence allowing you to drive, or learn to drive, that class of vehicle.

The types of driver licences are:

• learner licence

• provisional licence

• probationary licence

• restricted licence

• open licence


Learner licence

Before learning to drive any class of motor vehicle you must hold either a
learner, provisional, probationary or open licence that allows you to learn to
drive that vehicle.


Provisional licence

Australia has a two-stage provisional licence – P1 and P2 – as part
of a graduated licensing system.

After you have held your learner licence for at least one year, you may go for your
driving test. Depending on how old you are when you pass your test, you will get
either a P1 or P2 provisional licence, which you must hold for a minimum period
before you can progress to the next stage.


Probationary licence

You will only be eligible for a probationary licence if you have been disqualified
from holding or obtaining a licence by a court and you have now served the
period of disqualification.


Restricted licence

If you are convicted of drink driving but need a licence to earn a living, you may
be eligible to ask the court that convicts you to grant you a restricted licence,
commonly known as a ‘work’ licence.


Open licence

You may be eligible for an open licence if you have held your provisional
or probationary licence for the required period.

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