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11. ♦ introduction - road rules test


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You can take the written road rules test at a driver licence issuing centre when you apply for your learner licence. You pay a fee for each test. You can also take the motorcycle road rules test online. If you take the test online, a fee is only required once you pass the test. If you pass your test, you may get a learner licence. If you fail your test, you cannot take it again until the next working day. Allow at least 30 minutes to complete your road rules test. Once you pass your road rules test, the result is valid for five years. If you apply for an additional licence class, you may need to pass a specific road rules test for that class


Class C general road rules test

There are 30 questions in the general road rules test. The test has two main sections. The first section is 10 questions on the give way rules. You need to get 9 correct answers. The second section is 20 questions on the other road rules.
You need to get 18 correct answers.
The questions on the test are all multiple choice. This means that you are given a choice between different answers and you have to choose the correct one.

Class RE or R (motorcycle) road rules test

You will have to correctly answer at least 27 out of the 30 additional questions specific to motorcycles to pass the test.

Class LR, MR, HR, HC or MC (heavy vehicle) road rules test

You will have to correctly answer at least eight of the 10 additional questions specific to heavy vehicles to pass the test.