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If you are a provisional or probationary licence holder under 25 who commits a high speed offence or accumulates too many demerit points that results in:

• a licence suspension period

• a good driving behaviour period you will be prohibited from driving between the hours of 11pm and 5am for one year.

This restriction will begin the day after your suspension period ends, or on the day you begin your good driving behaviour period.

Please note, if you apply for a Special Hardship Order, the start date of your restriction may change.

If you are a provisional, probationary or open licence holder under 25 who commits an offence that results in a court ordered disqualification, you will also be prohibited


An alcohol ignition interlock is a breath-testing device that is connected to a vehicle's ignition. An interlock stops a vehicle from being started if the driver has been drinking alcohol. You will be part of the alcohol ignition interlock program if you have committed and are convicted of any of the following drink driving offences:

• a drink driving offence recording a BAC of 0.15 or more, driving under the influence of liquor, or failing to provide a blood or breath specimen for analysis

• dangerous driving while affected by alcohol

• two or more drink driving offences in a five year period. You will need to be part of the program for 12 months.

You will be required to pay for all costs associated with the program.

Not complying with the conditions of the program may extend the minimum time you will be in the program.

If you are part of the program, you are only allowed to drive a vehicle that is fitted with a prescribed interlock and that has been nominated to the Department of Transport and Main Roads, via an approved interlock supplier.

You must have a zero BAC at all times when driving.

If you are unable to comply with the requirement to only drive a nominated vehicle fitted with an approved interlock, you may be eligible for an exemption but exemptions are considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with strict guidelines.

If you decide not to follow the conditions of the program, you will not be allowed to drive for two years from the end of your disqualification period.


A cumulative disqualification period applies when you have been convicted and disqualified for:

• two or more drink or drug driving offences

• a drink or drug driving offence and at the same time you commit the offence of driving without a valid licence .

This means that if you are convicted and disqualified for these offences the disqualification periods will be served one after the other (cumulatively).

You will start the first disqualification period on the date of the court conviction. The second disqualification period will not start until your first disqualification period has been served.

If you receive a cumulative disqualification, you will not be able to apply for a restricted (work) licence.

After serving your cumulative disqualification, you will need to contact your nearest licence issuing centre to get your licence back.